Thursday, July 21, 2016

Happy Easter 2017

Easter is a not a festival but we celebrate Easter for the Ressurection of Jesus Christ. It is believed that and still believing that Easter comes on all Sundays for the memory of Ressurection took place with three belief.(i)Maundy Thursday (ii) Good Friday and (iii)Holy Sunday {Easter}.

Maundy Thursday represents the last supper by Jesus christ along with this 12 disciples. Good Friday as the word represents Jesus christ died for the sake of our sins and Holy Sunday Represents the Ressurection. i.e, Jesus Christ proved that he is the son of God with his Ressurection.

The Below Images shows the Maundy Thursday - Good Friday and Ressurection Sunday.

Happy Easter 2017 - Maundy Thursday
 Maundy Thursday
Happy Easter Images 2017
Good Friday 

Happy Easter 2017 Good Friday
Ressurection of Jesus Christ

 How Entire World Celebrate Easter?

Jesus has died for our sins, so people all around celebrate with their prayers in the memory and placing Jesus in their heart. People all around will tend to avoid happiness, avoid lovely foods and lovely entertainment and what they loved in their life will stay away from them for about 50 days. This 50 days sacrifice in form of prayers ends on easter day only. People do fasting in all Fridays in between this 50days for the memory of commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary.



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